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Pressed wool felt is one of the oldest and most versatile textile material used in various industries for various applications.

It is a textile structure composed entirely of fibres physically interlocked and consolidated by the utilization of mechanical work, chemical action and moisture without the use of knitting, weaving, stitching, thermal bonding or adhesives.

Woollen Felt - characteristic

  • Highly resistant and retains its strength for a long period of time
  • Wear resistant, cuts clean to any size, shape or thickness and doesn't fray at the edges
  • Returns to original shape when deformed
  • Extraordinary wicking capabilities delivering consistent fluid flow without deterioration.
  • Wool felt is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource.


Felt application by function:

  • Polishing -wool felt is used for the final polish of metal, precious metal, stone, precious stone, granite, marble, glass, plastics, wood & various other products.
  • Packaging & Sealing - elasticity, unthinkable attribute of wool fibres, results in a excellent application of wool felt as caulking material.
  • Covering - felt can be used in various densities for covering and packing, from filling of hollow spaces to high-effective springing and damping.
  • Filtration - porous places in felt extremely good. It retains unwanted particles as dust, soot etc.
  • Insulation -wool fibres and woollen felt are bad conductors of heat.
  • Lubrication - wool felt contains porous structure and has built in sluiceways capillary. This helps the fluids to store and pass on the liquid smoothly.
  • Sound control - felt minimize the transportation of sound, muffle noise and is also used as functional and decorative sound barrier.
  • Anti-Vibration - absorbing of vibrations.


Engineering Felt

Engineering Felt -
Filtration, Shock
Electric Motors Fractional Horse power motor manufacturers (FHP Motors). These are small motors used in Washing Machine, Vacuum cleaners, Air conditioners, Car windows, Car wipers, Home appliances, Juicers. Manufacturers of the motors used in above products used Felt washers inside motors for lubrications. Please note we are talking about Motor Manufacturers and not the above product Manufacturers.
Car Air
Compressor Manufacturers
Air compressors which is fitted inside car have Felt washers inside.
Audio Video
Electronics Assemblies
There are many Electronic gadgets, Audio and video, T.V, Music systems. There are various washers, spacers, packing used inside the assemblies. They are made of rubber, Felt, P.U etc depending upon its usage.
Printing There are various pads in various profiles used for wiping, storage of inks in printing industry.
Copper Wire Enameling Copper wire is coated with some kind of wax. This process is called as enameling. In this process after coating of wax, they need to remove excess wax on wire. Two Felt pads are fixed on top and bottom in the machine where excess wax is removed. This process is all machine process. They have to change Felt Pads at frequent internals as and when Felt Pads are fully soaked. Different density Felt pad is used for different gauges of wire.
Textile & Leather Felt pads are also used in final buffing operations of textile and leather tanneries.
Automobile There are various Felt gaskets / seals used in automobiles made of Felt.
Stainless Steel Felt Pads are extensively used in Steel rolling mills, steel service centre as tension/pressure pads and coolant cleaning
Cement Felt sheets are used as anti vibration tools under the machines

Polishing Felt

Polishing Felt
- Buffing and
polishing for
glass, metal,
plastic, stone, wood & various other products.
Glass Industry

Felt Wheels/Rings are used for polishing in Glass Beveling Machine. There are many Italian Beveling Machines like Bavoloni, Bovone, Bottero and various Korean, Japanese and Chinese Beveling Machines where Felt Wheels of 0.60 to 0.70 are extensively used . However Felt Wheels are also used for Sheet Glass Polishing, Windscreen Glass Polishing, Deep Scratch removal. Colour Picture Tube Polishing, Computer Monitor Picture tube Polishing, Lenses Polishing. Spiral felt (synthetic) is used by 90% now coz water slushing is used for glass polishing and felt gets mouldy with water.

Felt Ring Buffers mounted on threaded spindle are used for polishing Laboratory Glass. We are currently supplying these products to two Laboratory Glass Manufacturer. We understand there are many Laboratory Glass Manufacturers in Czech Republic, Poland etc. These Ring Buffers are used for polishing "Inlet" and "Outlet' portion of "Burettes"

Felt Disc of 4.4 mm with Density 0.44 are used for polishing "Drinking Glass"

Jewellery Polishing

Felt Wheels, Felt cones are used in Big quantity for Jewellery Polishing. Special Products like Felt Ring Buffers are used for Polishing inside portion of "Ring".

Split & Beveled Edge Felt Wheels are used on Jewellery Lapping Machines. You will notice that Split Felt Wheels have slits on the Diameter of the Disc. Jewellery object is held under the Split Felt Wheels for polishing and these slits help in viewing the polishing object while polishing. As the Split Wheel is rotating at certain RPM , Operator can view the object while polishing. There are few Amercian Brand of Split Felt Wheels marketed in Jewellery business and they are at least double the price of our Split Felt Disc.

Mold Polishing However, Felt Mounted Points and Felt Disc of 25mm dia are used in very big quantity to Polish Molds. Felt Mounted Points with Diamond paste are used to attain Mirror Finish on the surface of Molds. Please note that Molds are required to be polished at regular intervals. Hence there is very big usage of Mounted Points. We can supply Mounted Points with following Shank Diameter 2.35mm, 3mm, 6mm, 3/32" , 1/8", 1/4".
Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Products are normally with mirror finish and Felt products are best for mirror finish. Stainless steel cutlery like spoons, knives, fork, kettle, utensils are all polished with Felt Wheels to get mirror finish.

Felt Wheels with Diamond paste is used to sharpen the kitchen knives, knives used for cutting meat etc.
Felt Wheels with polishing compound is also used for smoothening the welded surfaces. In stainless steel products, if there is any welding job carried out. There is a joint where welding is done. Grinding Wheels are used to make smooth surface and polished with Felt wheels with polishing compound.

Stainless Steel Sheets manufacturers used Felt Wheels to attain # 8 finish. Primary stainless steel manufacturers have different kind of finishes of Stainless Steel Sheets. They have # 8 finish which is also called as mirror finish.

Spectacle Frames Felt Wheels are also used for polishing Metal Spectacle Frames. There are cotton Mops or Cotton Wheels used for polishing because they are cheap. But in the long run Felt wheels are cheap because wear and tear in Cotton mops is more where as Felt Wheels it is less.
Watch Felt wheels are used for polishing Watch parts, Watch Dials and Metal Straps of Watches.
Fountain Pen Felt Wheels are used for sharpening the Fountain Pen nibs. Famous Fountain Pen manufacturer "Mont Blanc" uses Felt Wheels to sharpen the tip of Nib.
Dental Polishing Small Felt Disc of 25mm and 50mm, Felt cones are used by Dental laboratories for polishing Dentures.
Leather Buffing We supply Felt Sheets of 20mm & 25mm thick with Density 0.44 to 0.50 for Leather Buffing.

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