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Engineering Felt Rolls & Sheets


"Pressed Wool Felt" is a textile structure composed entirely of fibres physically interlocked and consolidated by the utilisation of mechanical work, chemical action and moisture without the use of weaving, knitting, stitching, thermal bonding or adhesives.

Pressed Wool Felt commonly known in commercial parlance as "Engineering Felt" is available in sheet and roll form known as SAE Felt. Technical Felt is available in sheet form. Both are available in various qualities, thickness and density.

In the international market, Pressed Wool Felts are governed by SAE Specifications F-1 to F-55, Din Specification No. 61200, Federal Specn. CF 206, British Specn. No. BS-4060 and USSR Specn. No. GOST 6308-71.



Felt Sheets are available in Pure Wool Felt and Blended Felt in;

Thickness: 0.5MM onwards

Density: 0.40 GM/C3 to 0.70 GM/C3(In special cases upto 0.90 GM/C3)

Size: 1 Meter x 1 Meter (Other sizes also possible)


Felt Rolls are available in Pure Wool Felt and Blended Felt in;

Thickness: 2MM onwards

Density: 0.18 GM/C3to 0.44 GM/C3

Width: Upto 2 Meters

Length: Upto 25 Meter depending upon Thickness and Density








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