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We are exporter of Mutton / Stockinette. Our Mutton cloth / Stockinette is soft and super-absorbent manufactured by our automated circular knitting machines using 100% Cotton.

It is a versatile fabric manufactured on circular knitting machines.

It is composed of the following fibres.

The product is recognized for its

1. Absorbency

2. Softness

3. Wet strength

4. Economical

Mutton Cloth is ideal for various applications such as :

We offer mutton cloth in all kind of sizes and packages with fastest worldwide delivery by sea & air freight.

We can supply mutton cloth as per your demand, following are standardized packaging options:

Bull Packing

1kg Mutton Cloth Rolls

500g Mutton Cloth Rolls

400g Mutton Cloth Rolls

250g Mutton Cloth Rolls

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