About Us

Founded in the year 1984 by two brothers, Suresh Ahuja and Rajkumar Ahuja, Ahuja Felts is an exporter of Woollen Felt and Felt products. Having been in the Wool fraternity for 4 generations, Ahuja Felts holds an integral position in the Wool Fraternity and this is reflected in the knowledge, expertise and products supplied.

A brief history on the family business

Back in the year 1948 VASUDEO AHUJA started his business of Indian Wool trading in a small town Beawar, Rajasthan. In 1960, he moved to another town called Bikaner as the raw wool market started shifting there due to ecological reasons. Within a couple of years due to various reasons, he started manufacturing Woollen yarns in Bikaner, Rajasthan. The woollen yarns were used by his customers in manufacturing woollen cloth and woollen carpets. In 1984, his two sons, Suresh Ahuja & Rajkumar Ahuja were in Bombay. Suresh was working in a Pharmaceutical Company and Rajkumar had just graduated. Looking at the decreasing standard of Indian wool and the natural scarcity of Wool material in India, Rajkumar took the initiative to start a new venture in association with the product of the existing family business; wool. Suresh quit his job at the Pharmaceutical Company and started importing raw wool for Industrial purpose along with Rajkumar. This raw wool was used for production of felt and by carpet manufacturers. That is when they came across the product Woollen Felt and its countless applications in various Industries around the world. That’s when they decided to take the Indian made Woollen Felt and Felt products to the world.