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Source Wool Felt Products in bulk from India

Wool Felt Product Range

Pressed Woollen Felt

Felt Wheels and Rings

Mandrel Mounted Felt Bobs

Tannery Felt

Felt Components for Elevator Parts

Ring Buffers

Gun Wads / Felt Wads / Felt Pallets / Gun barrel cleaning pads

Felt Flap Wheel

Bedding Felt

Split & Bevelled Edge

Felt for Music Industry

Wool Felt Products

Felt cord and Belts

Self Adhesive Felt Product

Polishing Felts

Polishing Felts
Polishing Felts
Woollen Felt

Woollen Feltadvantages

  • Retains strength for a long period of time
  • Wear-resistant and cuts clean to any size, shape or thickness
  • Does not fray at the edges
  • Returns to original shape when deformed
  • Extraordinary wicking capabilities delivering consistent fluid flow without deterioration
  • Renewable and environmentally friendly resource

Woollen Feltis used for


Wool felt is used for the final polish of metal, precious metal, stone, precious stone, granite, marble, glass, plastics, wood & various other products.

Packaging & Sealing

Elasticity, an unthinkable attribute of wool fibres, results in an excellent application of wool felt as a caulking material.


Wear-resistant nature makes it ideal for covering products within.


Retains unwanted particles like dust, soot etc. Ideal for Porous substances


Wool fibres and woollen felt are bad conductors of heat, making them ideal for insulation.


Consists of a porous structure and has built-in sluiceways capillary. This helps the fluids to store and pass on the liquid smoothly.

Sound control

Wool felt minimizes the transportation of sound, muffle noise and is also used as a functional and decorative sound barrier.


Absorbing of vibrations effectively.

Wool Felt is an Environment-Friendly and Bio-Degradable product with special emphasis on Better Environment and Healthy Flora & Fauna.